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Editor’s Opinion

These cut contents brings more context to various plot points in Final Fantasy XV that are under-explained

– King Regis’ plan to save Noct by telling him to have a road-trip
– The abuse that Luna experienced.
– Ravus’ involvements with The EMPIRE x INSOMNIA.
– The Empire’s motive and reason for their aggresive movements.

These cut contents also showed that originally FFXV have more scenes and gameplay while in INSOMNIA. Noct and his boy-band also have more direct involvements with the struggle to push The EMPIRE back from INSOMNIA. Cor & Luna also have more relevant & direct roles instead of appearing only in limited amount of scenes.

It seems originally Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV are not a seperate entitiy (prelude movie and the main game), but one continuous video game. Some of the scenes in INSOMNIA are reworked for Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, and the game itself got reworked to be more open by freeing it from the things that happened in INSOMNIA.

Pardon my English,
Thank you.

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  1. Loved the game, even with all the cut content. Story could have been so much more though. And what bugged me the most was that they took out my favorite scene. The one where Regis holds Noctis in his arms and cries. A very powerful scene at that. That scene should at least have been present in the movie, but noooooooo. Well. it was a pretty good game and I enjoyed the hell out of the boss battles

  2. I guess near the end they rushed things, and thought i was OK since most of story was in kingsglaive
    they rushed to they could finally focus on FF7 remake and KH 3
    they wanted FFXV out of they way, and thought what we got was good enough

  3. within 10 years they could have given an edge to the story that can ethrall the audiences to the deepest part of their hearts (like witcher 3). instead, square's explanation to this is that they dont want FFXV to be better than the past FF games because it will affect their sales in the future. they are just milking the fuck out of the FF series.

  4. alot of this is actually versus 13 but in my opinion after the third released trailer they already scraped nomuras ideas which became xv.

  5. fuck EVERY game dev that fucked this game up! the game we got is nothing compared to the epicness in the past trailers and gameplay

  6. -.- why the hell are these cut, these are all important scenes. 🙁 the old levithan scene looks so much better. WTF happened this is getting me pissed seeing how much better it was.

  7. I think the most ignored thing is that the omen trailer, that everyone was so excited about and was legit shoehorned into the game after release, made zero sense in the context of the story. That scene with noct and luna fighting with the cerberus in the background like wtf is that? Did tabata ever address that? That whole sequence meant nothing, especially the part with altissia in sand, when did that happen? After leviathan? The city seemed completely fine after it.

  8. Note how 90% of this is about interaction between characters and story elements being removed. Why? Why remove everyone's character development, their story, and their interactions?

  9. The Regis scene was more then likely removed because of retarded people hating on the Dawn Trailer, blame the "fans" for being autistic and other triggered people for most of the content being removed, then also blame SE for pushing this game out and also blame Nomura for fucking everything up and people had to deal with his mess.

    Thats what I see in FFXV.

  10. The gameplay cuts are acceptable, or else some features like chocobo would be useless
    But the content cuts are not
    They made a movie and anime so they have more time in the game for story telling
    Yet, the cut content leads that Ravus and even King Regis are so unimportant in the game

  11. No amount of patches will fix my disappointment in the story. Everything was set up so fucking beautifully just to get the lack luster finish we were provided with. Only thing that could fix it is a complete remake or a sequel.

  12. everyone is saying "I'd like them to take one-two more year for development" but point is that this game took 10 years and they could've really do something really special and huge for these ten years even if they scrapped everything at one point. there are games that took much less time and had much more storywise without those rushed jumps between plot chapters, offscreen magic and forced lovestory. I love ffxv and it's characters but it really hurts to see that almost half of the things that we WANTED to see was cut down to that point that there is much more questions and confusion after last scenes than satisfaction. I really hope that none of future SE titles will suffer that fate. I'm totally ok with games taking their time to develop but I'm not okay if on release game look like a book with torn pages that may or may not be included in future DLCs. Crossing my fingers that upcoming KH3 will learn from this lesson and will be a completed great game of the series.

  13. I absolutely loved this game & it's cutscenes- and the idea that Noctis' friends stayed true to him to the very end, even though it meant their lives– Your watch Noctis take his responsibility willingly and it's amazing- the way they showed the pictures and the final camp site, the perfect usage of the song Stand By Me ? really hit the feels ..

  14. the game has like 3 cutscenes. That is the worst part about this. Everybody play FF for the over the top, revolutionary cutscenes. They can't manage to slip in 2,3 more. WTF

  15. The sad thing is that if they'd included all the content, this could be one of the greatest Final Fantasy ever.
    The game is good, but disappointed at the same time.
    It feels rushed. The emperor disappearance was manage very cheap. Just the clothes in the throne… common…
    Does Ravus is even important? Because he didn't add anything to the game.
    Bad story.

  16. Aside from the scenes, and the bad writing, there are many things that felt short:
    1. Bosses battles. Way too easy.
    2. Last boss transformations (as the previous games)
    3. Few summons.
    4. No hidden summons.
    5. Few cities to explore (just three big cities and one is empty full of monsters)
    6. I know the game was supposed to be based on reality, but I was expecting a least one city with some fantasy evolved. (Not a Venice)
    7. Too easy overall (just one Game Over…)

    And I don't know how the people felt about it… but the magic system… I didn't like it at all.

  17. I really enjoy ff15 but the more & more I look back & hear at the stuff that was cut just makes this even more disappointing… Like did square even play through their own damn game and say "Yea a lot of this isn't making sense….But lets ship it anyways!"

  18. I think It's the era where SQE push their developer to either make the game faster or segment the game around (like HITMAN).

  19. Ugh why oh why did they cut the battle of Altissia, that battle would have been epic!! all u had to do was kill what? 5 guards and then straight to the leviathan, so disappointing 🙁 I was expecting, well exactly what was cut actually. Why sigh

  20. I think the biggest hole is (might be spoilers, warned you) :

    1. When you arrive at Tenebrae, that should be an explaination what happen.
    2. Chapter 12-13 the Niflheim story, why they suddenly just disappeared. Why the emperor of niflheim is dead. I know that Ardyn turn them into demon, but how is that happend is unexplained and how Ravus finally made the right decision.
    3. 10 YEARS GAP!

    No comments about the ending tho, it is perfect and made me shed a tear T_T

  21. There was really NO NEED to Delete these beautiful scenes, especially the one with Noct & Regis which could had also been part of the Intro! I wish Nomara was still involved om FFXV

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