Top 10 Anticipated UPCOMING XBOX ONE GAMES 2017-2018!


Presenting you the BEST & TOP 10 Most Anticipated UPCOMING Xbox One Games 2017 and Xbox Games 2017.

In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games 2017 and Beyond. Which of these are you excited for? Comment your thoughts on the Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games 2017 and Beyond. These are the 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games 2017/2018.

Top 10 Anticipated Xbox One Games 2017 Upcoming

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Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One / Xbox Games 2017

#1 – Scalebound
#2 – Sea of Thieves
#3 – Tacoma
#4 – The Wild Eight
#6 – Cuphead
#7 – Crackdown
#8 – Forza Horizon 3
#9 – State of Decay 2
#10 – Halo Wars 2


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  1. 10) more halo shit…. blah blah recycle everything done by everyone else.
    9) Another zombie game…
    8) Another car racing simulator…
    7) Can't comment on Crack Down 3 since I've never touched the other 2 (maybe because they are too much like something I've already played so much of).
    6) Yet another platformer. Style is nice even though not entirely new.
    5) Yet another space shooting game.
    4) Not sure about Wild Eight, although very much looks like every other survival game to date.
    3) Tacoma, finally a game I haven't heard of. checks it out. … not sure what to make of it. Is this just another 'watch the game play itself' type? The kind where gameplay is non-existant and you are just witnessing something you could practically watch in a movie, read froma book or listen to an audio casette? Erk…
    2) Many pirate games with ship battles but not seen one that does it well, yet.This might be good.
    1) Scalebound… yeah. The gameplay, and main character speaks for itself how bad it is.

  2. wanna save quick money? dont buy forza horizon 3. i found it unplayable because of its 30 fps omg. i reccomend you buy something else. hell even forza motorsports 6 looks better than thia and it does 1080p 60 fps i believe.

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