As winter approaches, the question of the quality of our tires resurfaces, providing an opportunity for an overview of the technologies involved.

MICHELIN e.Primacy: the greenest in the class “The first tire to achieve carbon neutrality at the time of purchase,” is the pride of the new Michelin e.Primacy, revealed last week. From the extraction of raw materials to delivery to the customer, including emissions during production, this tire plays the card of eco-responsibility. It adds a constant level of safety from the first to the last mile, savings at the pump (80 euros over its entire lifetime) and an increased range of 7% for electric vehicles.

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GOODYEAR reCharge Concept: self-regenerating If it is still only a concept, its principle could upset our view of mobility. Made from a biodegradable gum inspired by spider silk, the Goodyear reCharge has liquid-filled capsules that can be replaced or replaced depending on weather conditions or how you want to travel. High and narrow, its structure adapted to electric mobility eliminates pressure control and the risk of punctures.


PIRELLI Technology Elect: silence, it turns Specially designed for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, this technology combines several advantages: increased grip in order to meet the performance requirements of electric motors, lower rolling resistance to optimize battery autonomy and a reduced noise level to benefit of the natural silence of electric energy. The result of collaboration with premium manufacturers, the new Cinturato P7 naturally inherits Elect technology.

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NOKIAN Aramid Technology: lifetime warranty Considered the most sustainable manufacturer in the tire industry, the Finnish tire manufacturer is the expert on harsh conditions. Inventor of the winter tire in 1934, Nokian Tires innovates today by taking advantage of aramids. Mixed with rubber, these synthetic fibers of aromatic polyamides, used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests, protect the sidewalls of tires from external damage, making them safer and more resistant. It is thanks to this technology, guaranteed for life by its designers, that the current speed record for a car balanced on two wheels (186 km / h) was established.


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