Tips for throwing a last-minute TV viewing party


Awards season is here—get ready for the gowns…the glamor…the guacamole. That’s right, guacamole. Or maybe you’d prefer pizza and wings. Or sushi.

Whatever you’re craving, Hollywood’s biggest nights are a great excuse for an impromptu fiesta. On the menu: local favorites, delivered fast with UberEATS.

And in case you’re a little behind on reading the latest Martha Stewart mags, here are 5 tips for throwing an award-winning, last-minute get together:

  1. Create a theme: Themes provide great “conversation starters” that help break the ice among guests who are meeting each other for the first time. Model yours after a nominated film or have guests dress as their favorite actor/actress.
  2. Plan your menu: Pick 3 or 4 dishes that are easy to share and will please all palates. Think tapas, hand-held bites, and sampler platters. If you need extra napkins, condiments or eating utensils, be sure to give us the details in the “special instructions” field on our app.
  3. Schedule your order: How’s this for A-list service? You can use our app to schedule your order ahead of time. Just find the food that fits your theme, pick a delivery window, and sit back and enjoy the Red Carpet.
  4. Dress up your dwelling: Check out your local thrift shops or discount stores for party supplies and decorations that fit your theme. Purchase an extra set of TV trays or fun bean bag chairs to make it easy for guests to enjoy their UberEATS favorites.
  5. Schedule rides home for your guests: After an exciting night of toasting the award winners, schedule Uber rides for friends and family to help get them home safely.  

UberEATS is available in 50+ cities–so we’re likely to be in yours. Open your UberEATS app now and let us take cooking for parties off your plate.

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