Tips for new Xbox One owners!


So you got an xbox one for christmas? welcome to the family! here are some tips for a better xbox one experience!

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  1. get a friend to game share with you… google it… it allows two people with separate xb1 to share a single gold membership and and digital games… me and my brother split cost on everything and play together

  2. how do I restrict someone completely from using the xbox one s like the ps4 does? like the ps4 I can restrict guest mode and new account sign in and they wouldn't be able to get to the home screen at all or play any game, does the xbox not have this feature?

  3. These tips were terrible for more than have the video you just sucked ea and Xbox lives dicks and talked about how good they were.

  4. Also check out the TV calibration settings! And Sign up for Xbox Live Rewards, I earned 50$ in Points just from buying a game or two, achievements, and from having xbox live

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