Thrimm Aerospace’s SpaceX ITS in Realism Overhaul (KSP 1.1.3)


The mod:
WIP Realism Overhaul configs for Thrimm Aerospace’s ITS:

Thanks to Thrimm for his work on this mod!

Other mods used:

Thanks to SQUAD for making this marvelous game, which you can get at Also thanks to all the other KSP players on YouTube and Twitch who gave me the inspiration to do these videos in the first place.

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  1. You need really powerfull rcs thrusters in the nose of the second stage. Also, it should have split body flaps but i don't think any mod has those.

  2. Why not set the inner engines to a lower thrust on the spacecraft during ascent to have the gimbals but less efficiency loss?

  3. You could use editor extensions redux, so you would still have 42 individual engine, but at least have them grouped into 3 symmetry groups of 21, 14 and 7, as that mod allows for such symmetry settings

  4. Great video Tyler, and thank you for taking a look at my mod. Since you have a lot more experience with RSS/RO than me, maybe you would like to get involved into making this mod operational in RSS? Right now in it's default configuration it works, but uses some solutions that are effectively cheating (like the reaction wheels you mentioned) – I however found them necessary to actually use the mod and land the ship on Mars as we did with Marcus House in our little SpaceX series.

  5. Descent mode: Have it shift the center of mass towards the heatshield wall of the ship as well. That may tilt the thing back during reentry.
    Basically the opposite thing of what descent mode does with capsules, as they need to pivot the other way.
    For finer control (If that's feasible at all) you could even give it several descent mode stages. CoM on the longitudinal axis -> couple steps in between -> CoM all the way to the wall/black bottom.

  6. Great video as always!

    Action grouping advice: Try removing all engines and then replacing them (using symmetry) and grouping them as you go.

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