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Blah blah Fair Use blah.

DSP takes on the second highest level dungeon in FFXV prior to completing the story, once at 10 levels below the recommended level and again at the correct level range. Needless to say, there is salt and lots of it from his decision making skills.

I decided to break up just this dungeon/dungeons as the entire playthrough is over 100+ parts all being 30 some minutes long a piece. Fuck that, lets ingest some sodium instead.

Source: (Parts 54-56, 70-72)

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  1. It's not even the low lvl that makes him terrible. I beat this at lvl 38. All you need is to take your time through the dungeon and think tactically with the bosses (assess for elemental and weapons weaknesses, prep for any status changes, maneuver to attack from various angles, etc.), not just hold down Attack and hope for the best.

  2. why does he warp strike to start every fight? is that a legit strategy or is he just throwin shit at the wall till it sticks

  3. >Boss charges his powerful-looking attack for 10 second that he already used
    >Phill continues to attack him in melee
    >Gets punished
    "WOW! This is fair! This is so fair."

  4. Also, how the hell was he this far into the game with only 4 Magic Flasks? Holy shit I'm at this point in the game and I have like 8.

  5. This dude doesn't even know how to properly use the battle system, if you are holding square almost everything is auto doged. He also never uses his companions, fully charged bar but ignores them.

  6. LOL "The combat fucking sucks……" Let me rephrase Ahem "I Suck at anything i try to do especially FFXV Combat…"

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