This is How You DON’T Play Final Fantasy XV (Black Edition) Part 1


Part 2: -[When it’s done]-

The night has come and the player is dumb.

– Video Notes –
• This is split into two parts because there is FAR too much material in this playthrough. (I’m serious.)
• The first half covers the first 50 parts of the playthrough. The second half will have everything else, including the post game.
• I went a little bit crazy with the editing here, but it was worth it.
• 720p60fps is recommended.

TIHYDP Playlist:

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  1. You don't have to put up "Kingsglaive Spoilers" every time it's mentioned. It seemed pointless for when Phil mentioned Regis' actor in the film.

  2. I'm sooo ready for part 2!!! Dsp is so entertaining with his "skill" at playing games. Personally I have no quarrel with DSP. but damn these thydp of DSP are so freaking funny lol. thumbs up to you sir ^_^

  3. alright after his game crashed he should just have quit at that point. he basicly goes full man-child and cries. But no he has to get that youtube money.

  4. lol there is a MP3 player that you can get in the game, to listen to music while you walk around, it's in the shop at the car menu, when you click on the Regalia.

  5. I will admit that FFXV has some problems. The camera combined with the lock-on system in tight areas suck ass. You will often times be stuck in brush or against a wall if you are not careful. The blocking does seem to have a slight delay on it for some reason. There is a severe lack of weapons and useful items in general. Many of the ascension skills and character unique skills are useless. The hunts are one of the worst systems put in a game ever. They reward a small amount of money and no xp. The only reason to do them is to unlock the boss fights. The side quests are extremely tedious and are there to make grinding "interesting."

    All of that aside, the game is a good experience. The soundtrack is great, the atmosphere is nice, and the connection between characters is warming. Phil just sucks shit at it.

  6. I can't belive this fat fuck got his hands on this masterpiece…. God dammit…. Let me be perfectly clear. I've NEVER played a Final Fantasy game, and I bought this out of curiosity. Since Christmas, I haven't played anything else. This game is completely awesome. Very easy to understand and easy to play. HOW THE FUCK DOES PHIL FUCK THIS GAME UP?!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. Are you from japan by any chance? i'm taking a guess from what i remember. YouTube there have a black background. or i might be being dumb and there's away to change the background

  8. I would love to hear phil as a coder or game designer. What could I do. The compiler is literally garbage and C++ was designed by an actual moron. Its not my fault. If you want a refund go and talk to bjarne about his piece of shit programming language. I dont know why anybody uses it.

  9. I guess when it comes to making a TIHYDP, it'd be a good idea to cover games you like, huh? Otherwise, you won't be able to rip into Phil very well.

  10. how do people watch him bitch and complain everyday lol it confuse me i can barely watch these without wanting to punch him

  11. I liked the part where you posted a troll music credit with the "Deadly Premonition – Life is Beautiful" used for a slowed down version of the Overworld Theme in Super Mario World, which infamously sound similar. But my favorite part was when you clipped in the "DSP Tries It" clip when Phil mentioned sitting on his ass and eating tons of food.

  12. I like how he blames the game itself for the crashes, honestly I've always blamed my console upon a game crashing. I don't see how a crash really has to do with the disk unless it's like, some hardcore glitch fucking the systems coding to a point where it has to force you out of the game. Though it didn't really appear like the game was glitching at all. Then again, these newer graphics and underpowered "new" gen consoles (that are about to be replaced by better versions) probably can't handle the beauty of the detail in these disk.

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