Thinning Hair & Laser Hair Therapy Bringing Weak, Limp Hair Back To Life


Thinning Hair… as we grow older, it seems our hair starts to loose that luster and vigor of youth. But is thinning hair inevitable?

Healthy, strong hair starts life in the hair roots – or follicles.

When these follicles get older, cell division starts to weaken and slow down with thinning hair as the result.

But what if you could gives those follicles a new lease on life, replacing that thinning hair with more robust, healthier growth? Would you go for it?

Well, thanks to modern science, there is a way to slow down and even reverse thinning hair syndrome.

It’s called laser bio-regeneration – developed by NASA scientists and perfected by Swedish researchers.

But how exactly do lasers help your thinning hair problems?

Lasers hair therapy are an extraordinary form of light. Packing much more energy than normal light, when tuned to a distinct frequency they can actually energize and rejuvenate human cells.

However, for lasers to be effective in treating thinning hair, they must be medically approved and operate in INFRARED mode. This is in the infra-red spectrum – invisible to the naked eye.

This special laser therapy improves thinning hair by penetrating deep with the scalp, targeting the hair roots and follicles themselves.

However, not all laser therapies for combating thinning hair are the same. In fact, most laser instruments on the market are totally useless.

The lasers hair therapy found in most thinning hair reversal products are ordinary LED lasers. Pretty to look at, but worthless for bio-regeneration. These visible red light lasers (the same type as found in cheap pointing devices) merely bounce off the scalp and your thinning hair.

Additionally, the medically approved infra red lasers should pass through a special focusing lens – directing the energy directly into the hair follicles – rejuvenating, revitalizing and regenerating these hair producing cells – and thus reversing one’s thinning hair symptoms.

Standing apart from almost every other laser thinning hair therapy product is a hand held instrument called the HairBeam. Employing medically approved and specially focused IR lasers, the HairBeam has been clinically proven to improve thinning hair, giving your sluggish hair follicles a new lease on life

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