One millennial spent $1,230 on Uber, food and makeup in just 2 months

When millennials aren’t eating away from home, there is a chance they are using meal delivery kits to make dinner. Services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, ranging at $60 to $130 a week, deliver the ingredients to your home to save you a trip to the market and provide the recipes to go along. Last year, Blue Apron made between $750 million and $1 billion in revenue, Bloomberg reports.

Though I don’t use those food services, I am subscribed to one beauty service I discovered a few years ago in college, where there were no department stores in my town.

For $10 a month, I received five or six product samples, which would often included my personal essentials and a few “fun” products I wouldn’t typically seek out. Aside from this service, I spent less than $50 in the last two months on personal care.

In 2016, Mic reported that these subscription services specifically target millennials because of how curious we are about trying new products.

“This business is about the art of giving to yourself,” Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD told Fast Company in 2015. “Millennial consumers, in particular, love the idea of self-indulgence, and subscription companies really understand this.”

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