How to Make Uber Amounts of Cash With Free Blogs

So you want to try your hand at online money making using blogs huh? OK lets get rollin '.

First off, you will need to make a decision, but do not worry their really is only 2 options when it comes to picking blogs hosting. Either you use a free blog, or you have your own hosting provider and have a content management system like WordPress.

The free blog is done by signing up using either, or WordPress is most popular, and comes out with innovate plugins, and themes so I would recommend WordPress specifically for paid blog hosting.

If you are anything like most people in today's horrible economy, a day job simply is not out their, and you are left with a computer and most likely a internet provider but no plan of action towards making real money online. When most people think of making money with blogs, they mention Google Adsense, and or promoting affiliate products. Adsense, and Affiliate Products makeup almost the entire industry for bringing new internet marketers. So if you want to get started below is a list of objectives you will want to go in order to carry out your dreams and aspirations.

These are my top 10 online fool proof, will not get you banned or in trouble tactics, suggestions and tips for cashing in via Blogging
1. Start brainstorming what you are most passionate about, write a few ideas down on paper then catagorize them.

2. Go to or and open a free account.

3.After you open a free account, begin to compile a keywords list of what you think people would use to find your blog, think of what people would search for to find reviews on products, and also search phrases that would be used by searchers in "buy mode". You should use Google's Keyword Selection Tools go to this link: or here: and if you are quickly at coming up with posts immediately after checking Google Trends then go here:
Choose a nice theme to use for your blog.

4. Use a keyword phrase that you hope to acquire good search engine ranking with one day as your Blog's title. Once you have a title, then use that keyword phrase in your descriptions and if you can try to use a long tail keyword phrase along with it. * Long tail keywords are usually 3 to 4 words that create a less likely searched phrase.

5. If you decide on using affiliate programs for learning nice contracts on hot products in your niche then try a few of these options:

Commission Junction

Amazon Affiliates

Phpbay Pro – a eBay auctions Affiliate plugin specifically for WordPress blogs, and its also able to post Commission Junction, and other affiliate products.

BANS- another affiliates content management system like phpbay.

CJ Friend – a commission junction Affiliates plugin for WordPress. Great choice, and super easy to install, and use. – easy to use affiliate hop links, and you do not have to have products landing pages. Just make sure you use a javascript redirect code to mask your affililiate URLs from people who steal your responsibilities. If you do not know how to code or use javascript then just do a Google search or try

After you have your affiliate URL's, go ahead and make sure you post the links on your blog which should redirect to the offers that you plan on getting decisions for. Do not post them just in the sidebar! Use hyperlinks within your paragraph posts in order to gain better search engine rankings, and increased click through rates, and conversions.

Believe me you will make more if you embed your affiliate links in your posts, and also use image banners that hyperlink to your affiliates promotions which should be placed at the end of your post. A place where readers pause for a moment after they finish reading to digest what they just read and this is the time the decision on what to do next so why not have them go buy your associate offer!

6. Make use of your keywords through each posts, but do not keyword stuff. Make use of your searched keyword phrases within your hyperlinks anchor text. Anchor text is the words within a link, you know the blue underlined spots on a website that you click on to go to a different page or website.

7. Signup your blog to Feedburner, its the best trust me that they were recently acquainted by Google, and are only making things better for your blogs RSS subscribers. Make sure you place a link on your sidebar or header, if you can close to the top of the blogs every page up in the right hand corner where everyone typically looks for a button to subscribe to a blog.

This also makes a good time for you to put nice little "Follow Me" images with a twitter bird to get readers to follow you on twitter, and get more promotion on search engines and traffic. I get so much traffic to all my sites when I promote them on Twitter, so do not pass this step up!

8. No need to worry about all the pinging, and feed submissions, but if you really can not resist then use this tool tool free mass ping tool, no credit card needed!) Thats really a waste of time if you are using Twitter, or some other form of social bookmarking.

These social media sites get your blogs, and websites indexed in the quickest time possible because search engine robots are programmed to track social media sites first due to their overwhelming usage. Facebook users are on more the which was reported this year.

9. Tracking your websites traffic is very important, and you will want to use either Tracking202, which I mentioned earlier or Google's Anayltics which you can setup here:

10. Go to, and submit your blog to their search engine, then submit to Yahoo's, and Google's.

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