Why Does Norton Antivirus Use Up So Much Memory?

Have a Norton antivirus (AV) program? Do you always find it making your computer slow and sluggish? Despite being a strong and good security program, Norton AV scores really low when it comes to using up computer memory (RAM). The reason is that Norton AV is heavy on resources, and sometimes can also create compatibility issues with other programs running on the PC.

A computer that has low memory with Norton AV installed may perform really slow or break down during AV scans. Look into some of the independent reviews given by the Norton AV users:

Hello there. I have Norton Anti-Virus version for BT Yahoo! Broadband, and I have a problem concerning the amount of hard drive space it is taking up. I have a PC with 60GB space and yet despite constant disk clean and maintenance, I have noticed that Norton Anti-Virus takes up a massive 30GB of the space: pretty much half.” (Posted by TheTenthDoctor on Norton AV forum)

I don’t know an exact number, but Norton is quite a resource hog. I recommend ESET NOD32, it uses at most about 30mb of RAM at any given time, and virtually no CPU when it isn’t scanning. I have also found this to be the most effective, I have not had a single virus in the past year that I’ve used NOD32.” (Posted by Albertan on February 18th on answers.yahoo.com)

I’d rather have no antivirus then Norton.
Heavy, too much ram usage, does not detect half the programs mt free av even can. horrible product. I feel like it’s a scam (
Posted by oshilzi on March 15, 2011 on http://www.vodkronikals.com/pc-repair/norton-internet-security-2011-review-and-test.html)”.

Symantec has been putting additional efforts in removing the higher RAM usage flaw in latest Norton AV versions. Other than this drawback, Norton AV usually provides outstanding and all-round protection against numerous threats such as Trojans, viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, and bots among others.

If you have a PC with low RAM and want to install Norton AV on it, then just add more RAM to your PC in order to sideline any slow speed or performance issues. Updates are necessary to be downloaded and installed as these help keep your PC protected from old and newly developed threats. Since, updates also take up a good amount of memory; it is always wise to have additional RAM in your PC.

The reviews strictly belong to the independent Norton AV users and V tech-squad has no role in framing them. V tech-squad has only compiled the instances in order to present and outline the general issues that users may face while using the Norton AV program. V tech-squad personally doesn’t favor or criticize any AV program.

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