Speed ​​Up Windows 8 With Norton Internet Security

Symantec claims that its elite Antivirus software – Norton Internet Security – can outwit Microsoft's native security solution – Windows Defender – and in turn, provide a better, faster and safer computing experience.

Remember the good, old days back in 2008, when running Norton Security would quench your computer's performance? It was only 2009 when Symantec completely rewound the software and came up with a better and refined version of antivirus software. Since then, with every forthcoming version, it has just improved.

However, the irony is that so have its competitors. In recent times, security suites like BitDefender, AVG or Kaspersky have evolved to provide better user experience, faster performance and robust protection.

However, Symantec has been the catalyst in the transformation process, pushing the performance boundaries with every build. It realizes that performance would be a critical factor not only for antivirus software but also for operating systems.

On the other hand, Microsoft claims that it has played all cards right this time with Windows 8. It will not slow down after few months unlike most Windows versions and promises an intuitive, easy-to-work-with interface as well.

Although the code for Windows 8 has not been out yet, Symantec could not resist itself from asserting that Windows 8 was affiliated with Norton Internet Security, which would provide the fastest computing experience. Moreover, it also went on to attest that as per their preliminary tests, Windows 8 PCs running with Norton Internet Security performed 52% faster when compared to the ones running with Windows Defender. These reports have been issued by TechRadar and the integrity of these reports thatby can not be questioned.

Symantec would provide the functionality to update to newer versions without a need to reboot. Beside that, with an automatic auto-update feature, you would stay up to date and always be protected from malicious attacks.

Although it is very much obvious that the paid versions of the software perform better than the freeware (Windows Defender is available as a FREE download), it would be fascinating to see how the contemporary software companies like Kaspersky, AVG or Kaspersky would respond to this .

There can also be the following implication: "Norton does not make Windows faster, Windows Defender makes it slower."

We would have to wait for the official release of Windows 8 in order to know what exactly the naked truth is. Having test the new Windows 8 platform, I would venture to say that it may not need to speed up the system, but it will certainly help keep it protected.

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