Norton 360 Review – Is It Any Better The Other Antivirus Programs?

When the Norton 360 program came out, the concept was conceived that security for the personal computer and the user was initially the first and foremost priority to the creators. With this set of basic tools, the reality of real protection to those who used this software was obvious and some don’t know how they ever went on the Internet highway without it installed to begin with.

Of course Microsoft has something to do with the Norton 360 and it was a huge step in the right direction for all those involved in the security of the technology world, as we know it. Not only did it give users tools to obtain security on their personal computer but also in a sense the user could actually not have the worry of a invasion of personal privacy. People who have used the older versions of the software thought that the programs made their computer hard drive run sluggish and not want to run to the performance they should be running. However updated and improved those who used the program in the past are not ecstatic about the new program and all that it has to offer.

By splitting the initial interface of the program into smaller categories the big problems with the other designs were put to rest, leaving reassurance and the protection of security and the use of fire walling instead. Being able to see different parts of your computer and addressing issues that seem to have a conflict or problem is much easier to fix and correct the problem. And you can also get reports of the scans or other items that go with the program. As you choose the tools and receive the basic scan reports you are able to see the area that is making your computer run slowly or if there’s a security problem you can be informed as well.

You are allowed to do several things with the Norton software and initially keep your personal computer clean and safe from viruses, Trojans, and so much more. This in the long-term sense of thought will save the user a lot of grief and misfortune of all the problems those without some form of security software on their computer would have. Sadly enough, there are many programs that are downloaded onto computers today that are ultimately attached as Trojans which will literally copy and correspond back giving any personal information you might have stored on your computer. And, once it is attached in most scenarios it is very hard to get the problems uninstalled or deleted from your computer system. Even system restore in most cases will not work; this is why a security program is as important to you as a user.

There are several security programs available, however there are only a few that actually do what they are intended to accomplish and it is imperative that the security programs are useful or they will just take up space on your computer hard drive and not do the work it was intended to do. Being prepared and have security on your computer is important to everyone today.

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