The Samsung Galaxy Tab With Android OS

Samsung have followed on from the hugely successful Galaxy S mobile phone with the launch of the Galaxy Tab, the tablet version of this device.

The Galaxy Tab offers plenty of storage options for people looking to use the device for multiple media files. With 16GB of internal storage, the average user should find this more than enough. For anybody looking to make extensive use of the units HD video capture or looking to store a large music collection, then you may want to utilise the devices micro SD card slot which allows for further memory to be added up to 32GB. Asides from this the Tab also features 2GB solely for the storage of applications. Behind the scenes, the model features some very high specification technology that ensures the unit operates at very high speed. A 1GHZ A8 processor chip is coupled with 512MB of RAM memory, and graphic quality on applications is further aided by the inclusion of a good quality graphics card. Unlike some tablet devices available, this model can also accept a mobile SIM card. This not enables the Tab to be able to make and receive phone calls via a headset, but also allows mobile access to cellular data networks such as 3G and EDGE, an important point if you are looking to use the model whilst on the move. The best connection however is achieved via WiFi, with the Galaxy supporting all three currently recognised speeds.

Display quality is a vitally important factor on such a device, as it is not only where you view data, but where all of your own inputting is done, thus the Samsung Galaxy Tab benefits from a great screen. The image quality benefits from the huge 16 million colours that can be displayed, and like wise the 600 x 1024 resolution helps achieve crystal clear results. The screen is very durable and uses a specially strengthened glass which has great scratch resistant qualities. The screen is very responsive and the capacitive panel can be thanked for this. Lots of multi media facilities are available on the unit to satisfy all kinds of users. High Definition video recording is possible and the device also features two cameras, one at over 3 million pixels resolution and the front facing device offering a quality of up to 1.2 mega pixels. A great audio player is incorporated into the machine which can handle multiple file formats including MP3 and WAV.

Of the current crop of tablet devices currently available, the Samsung Galaxy Tab offers the most complete experience, whilst offering a sleek look into the bargain.

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