The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Screen

Watch a movie, master your favorite game, or view a presentation like never before on the Smart Edge screen. The Galaxy Note Edge HD Super AMOLED® Screen features a dual display with amazing resolution, faster response time, and higher-definition, so you’re more equipped than ever before.

17 thoughts on “The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Screen

  1. Look at how they avoid holding the device with the right hand. Not useful when used dominantly with the right hand.

  2. If you want something similar that is either more affordable try the Note 4. The only difference it no bent screen that is also an option for if you don't want the curved screen. If neither of these bother yougo ahead.

  3. Now that I hear that S6 is coming out soon, I am at odds as to what to really go for, this or S6. I am not super big on phones. I love my S4, but it is time for an upgrade. 

  4. I was really hoping the edge could do something with the bent screen that would make a big deference but at the end of the day it's just like oh cool it has a bent screen big deal.

  5. I definitely would've gotten the Note Edge if it wasn't for the plastic instead of metal framing. Now I don't know if I made the right decision.

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