The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Edge Overview

The Galaxy Note Edge features all the innovations of the Galaxy Note 4, plus the Smart Edge Screen. Customize it to display your choice of messages, notifications, app icons, and more, or use it as a toolbar to control your device in a whole new way.

20 thoughts on “The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Edge Overview

  1. apple calls them gimmicky but then again , what has apple done to wow consumers? just 1 plain piece of brick

  2. Look at how they avoid holding the device with the right hand. Not useful when used dominantly with the right hand

  3. Omg!…I need to upgrade to this after my contract is up. I have the s5 now and it's amazing but I will definitely upgrade to this

  4. I have it and the flip case do sent work good if you purchase this phone get a good case or don't drop it cuz my edge is completely cracked

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