The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Camera

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Now you can fit even more friends and fun into frame with Wide Angle Selfie mode on the Galaxy Note Edge. Plus, with the 16 mega-pixel camera and optical image stabilization, your photos are crisper and more colorful than ever before. Talk about post-worthy pics.

21 thoughts on “The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Camera

  1. Sher William Benedicto

    Look at how they avoid holding the device with the right hand. Not useful when used dominantly with the right hand.

  2. Lemonadez

    Samsung devices released 2014-2015.

    Samsung Galaxy S5
    Samsung Galaxy S5 active
    Samsung Galaxy S5 mini
    Samsung Galaxy S5 lte-a
    Samsung Galaxy Note edge
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Samsung Galaxy Alpha
    Samsung Galaxy A
    Samsung Galaxy A5
    Samsung Galaxy Mega 2
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S's
    Samsung Gear vr, neo, 2, and S
    And many more….

    Apple devices released 2014-15

    iPhone 6 and 6 plus
    iPad Air 2
    iPad mini 3
    iMac 5k retina
    iMac mini
    iwa I mean Apple Watch


  3. Lord Vader

    My Edge camera struggles to Focus
    i have go in setting reset it
    then clse camera then repeat this again

    then maybe it works 🙁
    any suggestions

  4. Mimosa Bonsai

    say bye bye to my IPhone , I'm getting a samsung phone , I have a samsung tv and a VCR with a DVD player, it's and old one I love Samsung and I have a Samsung mp3 to..

  5. Jeremy Tan

    Samsung's advertisement on the camera is always a lie . When we acquire the phone ourselves , you still cant capture clear photos with moving object .

  6. Febri Juhamsyah

    Why Arent my camera buttons on the edge? My edge screen is useless in camera mode, and having the shutter release on the edge screen was one of the selling points why I bought this dang thing. Please let me know if you figure it out, thanks.

  7. Troy Blank

    Funny how when she takes the picture of the dog it's not facing her while it's walking then when she shows the photo the dog is standing still looking at her. Gotta love liars.


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