The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Battery Life

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The battery on the Galaxy Note Edge is made for people on the go. With Adaptive Fast Charging, you can go from 0 to 50% charged in about 30 minutes. Running low and can’t charge? Simply switch to Ultra Power Saving mode and you’ll still be able to text and make calls for over 24 hours, even down to 10%.

19 thoughts on “The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Battery Life

  1. Asyraf Md Rodzi

    What I like about Samsung phone the most are is it removable battery when many manufactures abandon this killer feature. IMO

  2. Sher William Benedicto

    Look at how they avoid holding the device with the right hand. Not useful when used dominantly with the right hand

  3. 22wehttam

    I'm having battery issues with my note edge it is the only thing wrong with it I have had it for a  week and I charged it 5 hours ago and afer very very light use it is down to 28%. Yes is charges quickly but surely it shouldn't die that fast!

  4. Kyle Clancy

    I hate my Note Edge. Goes from 40 percent battery to flat dead consistently. I have too have a battery brick within arm's reach at all times. Also the strange screen resolution makes it incompatible with some apps/games.

  5. num nums

    Anybody that comments bad things about Samsung are just sabotajing Samsung


    Because they are really agents from APPLE


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