The New Samsung 3D HDTV – A Technological Breakthrough

Thanks to the extraordinary success in the box office of 3D technology, Samsung has now produced a television capable of supporting this breakthrough with the introduction of the Samsung 3D HDTV. Not only does this allow you to watch television and film in stunning 3 dimensions, it also hosts a range of other additions. This includes internet connectivity and many other widgets.

The quality of the high definition is at its best. Pictures are clearer than ever before, and the range of colors viewable on the screen is as wide as those you see with your own eyes when taking in the beauty of the real world. The ultra slim design makes it lightweight and unintrusive in any living space.

The 240hz Clear Motion Rate means that even on the fastest moving program, clarity is second to none. There are four HDMI connectors, which gives the freedom to connect all your best loved accessories to the television without any extra effort. HDMI connects with DVD players, gaming consoles, and cable and satellite boxes.

The audio quality of this television is as you would expect from today's cutting edge technology. It supports multi channel audio and second audio program, which allows you to watch one program and listen to another. Great for watching sport and listening to the radio without the need for extra products.

With its in built internet connectivity, the possibilities are almost infinite. Access your favorite sites right from the comfort of your sofa, place bids in auctions or watch streamed online videos with no extra hassle. Applications can be downloaded straight from the web onto your television.

You will need special 3D glasses to get the very most from the new Samsung 3D HDTV. Along with the Samsung 3D DVD player, you can watch all your DVDs in stunning high definition, with the added element of 3D. There is the facility to convert 2D programming to 3D.

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