Samsung WatchON: TV and Movie Discovery Made Easy

Samsung WatchON makes discovering TV shows and movies easier than ever. With so many TV channels, it can be a challenge to figure out what to watch and where to find it.

With WatchON, you can turn many of the Samsung current generation devices into a remote control and get a personalized TV guide that’s built around what you love to watch. Find out more at

22 thoughts on “Samsung WatchON: TV and Movie Discovery Made Easy

  1. bother don

    When you get a Samsung device there are just so many built in features that you can easily get overwhelmed. But I'd rather get overwhelmed then underwhelmed… I was so underwhelmed by iPhone 5 that I returned it after 3 days. Hope that doesn't happen on iPhone 5s. Seriously. Put up a competition apple

  2. Liam Phoenix

    Is this coming to devices that shipped with Peel? I have the Note 10.1 and am not impressed with the remote app.

  3. James Maxwell

    Well done maby you can stop apple sue everyone and open there eyes to get on with there business

  4. SanJoseHKD

    WatchON is coming to the Tab 10.1. It'll be available on the GooglePlay store from what I hear in a few weeks! Thankfully, the tablet version is not "peel," it's Samsung!


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