Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) Features – Galaxy S Phone

The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant – – An Android powered device, that provides access to over 60,000 applications from the Android Market. Complete with a large 4-inch Super AMOLED display. Powered by a 1GHz Samsung processor, the Galaxy S dazzles with amazing 3D graphics, faster upload and download times, and a rich multimedia and gaming experience.

29 thoughts on “Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) Features – Galaxy S Phone

  1. Brock Langhart

    10 seconds ago
    I mean come on, it looks EXACTLY like the iphone.

    The need to be more original.

    It might be an amazing phone, i'm sure it is. But they need to come up with a new design. IMO

  2. krisp8888


    It is very similar in appearance.

    There are a total of 4 different Galaxy S Phones. The T Mobile version is THE ONLY one that looks like an iPhone- which I am sure was done on purpose.

    They are trying to be their version of the Apple Franchise. They are now releasing an Android Tablet- which is their version of the iPad. Apple has got company- Ihearts need to deal with it. 

  3. Bret Levick

    @ liveoperator: We were ripping off the Stooges just like the Strokes, The Hives and every "garage rock" and punk band since 1968 did. Know your rock n roll history! 

  4. Avi M

    @BazsFX Kramer makes his tutorials for people like you and me. With samsung being a billion dollar industry, they should come up with something a little more original LMFAO.

  5. brianv3ntura

    @SuperFashionista09 download tango. you can video chat with ANY android phone or iPhone as long as the other user has the app as well. u dont need a front facing camera just to video chat

  6. shammas23

    i don't give a shit about froyo or watever, half the people who want it don't even know what it is. the main feature for froyo is that it lets u save apps on ur sim card so when u switch phones u don't have to redownload them. how about giving us a better battery task manager for the phone so it can last long when i play games or movies cuz the ones on the android market don't work well

  7. shammas23

    @WiserAsIGrow the custom roms saves you more battery? if it does can you send me a link or something on where to get one or make one

  8. headlightguy

    hay lets read Revelations and remember that the text is interpreted and translated and altered by ungodly beings , then lets give darkness some credit (he is a match for god and crafty to exist this long) and then put the smart ph in place of a bar code lol and everything its not is just an app away
    lol and how you just responded is proof that its the mark

    please open your mind and understand this world is so much more than most can grasp, nothing is fantasy nothing is as it seems good sped 

  9. Leuhans

    This phone is amazing~ Speedy and I'm satisfied. Cept. There's not 2.2 update yet. :C But that's okay I'm happy with the phone its self.

  10. WowzaBoyz

    @TITANIUMDX well, if you do get an upgrade you're going straight to 2.4. but, i doubt they're gonna, might as well go ahead and root it.


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