Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer via iTunes®

Thanks to Smart Switch, you’re not limited to just one mobile platform. See how to sync your iTunes® data with a Galaxy Family device with this simple how-to.

47 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer via iTunes®

  1. Haha sameshit using macbook air to promote their shitty phone?
    Hey i dont feel good i felt sad for you samsung
    U dont even used your own laptop and does it above.
    I sense a failure smartphone sameshit lol

  2. Jajajaja that's funny!!! Is this a real video about Samsung using Apple products??????
    Again and again and again Samsung using Apple to do some sales!!!!!

  3. good luck samsung you have had the worst build for years apple has always had a aluminum body if its not aluminum its minimum

  4. Funny to see Apple and Android fanboys hate on each other. This is for those people that switch from iOS to Samsung without having to create any new accounts at all.

  5. u know what samsung. i restore my note 4 from itunes backup and all my photo was mixed like crazy. and when i check my photo, the note 4 write that was took today. u have one job, samsung! that was not smart at all :/

  6. I used this recently to go from and old iPhone to S6 and it was not as seamless as they present. Android is buggy as hell and nowhere near as smooth an OS, however, I wanted to do quite a bit of hacking and have written a few Android apps so I am enjoying it. If you are just phoning, texting and surfing, iPhone is far, far superior in a million ways.

  7. i love how even the videos are like apple but… now how i do it in reverse? as long as the iPhone 7 launches i wanna swapmy note 4 im tired of amoled screens burning off so fast i only had this phone for 2 months and the notification bar is all washed out

  8. Smart Switch crashes for me every time I click Restore –> Select from a different backup –> iTunes backup data. Solutions? My iPhone backup is on my local computer, not encrypted, and I've tried reinstalling the application on my Mac and S7…

  9. having trouble cant connect USB cord isnt compatible with smart switch. need to change to the connection mode to "file tranfer" mode what do i do

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