Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer via iCloud®

Switching to a Galaxy Family phone is smart. Using Smart Switch is even better. Learn how this app makes it easy to transfer your iCloud® data onto your new smartphone.

25 Replies to “Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer via iCloud®”

  1. Last step: Be sure to keep your iPhone, because you'll reverse this entire process in a few weeks and switch back to the iPhone. 

  2. Samsung = advanced technology company, pro-innovation and pro-competition. That's why you see that all Samsung Galaxy smartphones have next-gen tech of the future. The more you support Samsung and buy their products, the faster this world gets advanced technologically. 
    Apple = low tech company, anti-innovation and anti-competition. That's why you see that all iPhones have previous-gen tech from 2 generations ago. The more you support Apple and buy their products, the slower this world gets advanced technologically.

  3. Since someone can switch to a new galaxy from an iPhone or an Andriod, what about people that are switching to a galaxy from like a Windows Phone or a Blackberry for example

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