Samsung Smart Switch: iOS to Galaxy

Making the switch to the Galaxy Family? Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave everything behind – and Smart Switch makes the transition easy.

34 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Switch: iOS to Galaxy

  1. when using Samsung Smart Switch to transfer content to another Android phone, you dont need any physical connections between the two phones. Not only is it wireless but another Youtube reviewer says it can be done at distances up to the length of a football field

  2. When yo turn iMessage off you need to be on cellular data not Wifi for it to works the best. I have tried it with using Wifi and sometimes it doesn't turn off iMessage at the Apple server.

  3. I'm wondering how much is actually transferable here. I'm looking to upgrade from the iPhone 6 to the S7 Edge and I don't really wanna lose all my stuff from my iPhone. It appears music, photos etc are all fairly straight forward, but what about apps, more importantly, apps you've paid for? Do you lose out there?

  4. This Smart Switch app would be awesome if it worked – asshat at ATT hurried me through the setup process so we had to bail half way though – when I tried doing the migration from home iphone to samsung the smart switch app just hangs for hours at 99% searching for content… really sucks :(

  5. This looks like it just works. I mean really simple and easy to use. Smart move by them, I was seriously considering switching but was afraid of losing text messages but this has just changed my mind

  6. I found this video to be very useful, the videos I have previously watched never told me to download the app

  7. I have an iPhone 6 Plus with movies that are not on my iTunes. Will Smart Switch allow me to transfer the movies from iOS to a Galaxy S7 Edge?
    Also, does the Galaxy S7 Edge come with the OTG cable? If not, where can I buy one?

  8. this doesn't work anymore. the app lay-out is completely different doesn't ask for os of old device at all and says if my old device is not a Samsung mobile phone I have to install smart switch on my old phone as well. Which of course is impossible since smart switch isn't in the apple store.

  9. Can you also transfer Itunes music to your new Note 7 ?
    And what is if I use a Note 7 for 1 month and buy new music albums from Itunes. Can I transfer the new album to my Note 7 ?

  10. But you can't switch over iTunes so it's pointless. Have to rebuy ALL iTunes music and movies. Only switches contacts. Pointless

  11. haha fuck yeah. fuck iphine. does this work on other androids? like can i use this app to switch from iphone to a nexus??

  12. What's so "smart" about this? ALL I WANT TO DO IS…… transfer a photo off my phone onto my PC to print it off. Apparently this is beyond the whit of man or Samsung at least!

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