Samsung Smart Switch: Data Dance

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Let’s move it, move it! It’s a snap to transfer important data to your new Galaxy device with the Samsung Smart Switch app. Learn more:

22 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Switch: Data Dance

  1. C 98

    OMFG best ad ever and best way to explain how smart switch works. And for the one who think samsung is deafeated cause s6's sells aren't so good as we thought, samsung is still having like 30% more marketshare then Apple does so keep calm and hope that this will never happen again ;)

  2. Mark Christensen

    It's funny how they used the iPhone 5s which is 2 years old, additionally to compared with the Samsung Flagship "S6Edge". in the end. Come on man. as least compare it with iPhone 6 as least be fair. ( i own a s6edge myself so, not becuase i'm ifanboy or something.)

  3. sogood 2bhappy

    i hope samsung would make more and more videos like this, the way they interpret the SAMSUNGs ecosystem in a way that makes it simple and cool and funny and awesome and GALAXY.!!!


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