Samsung Smart Switch: Android to Galaxy

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Smart Switch lets you move important data from your old Android device to a new Galaxy Family smartphone in a few easy steps. Just download the app on both devices, sync them up, and you’re on your way.

20 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Switch: Android to Galaxy

  1. HatchetHaro

    You know why they said Android to Galaxy and not Galaxy to Galaxy? Because they don't have to use another company's Android phone to do it, all in order to avoid the whole "mocking" thing. What about the iOS video, though? Why use an iPhone from Apple? That's because iPhones are the only phones running iOS, ya nitwits.

  2. Jon Roth

    Google Play won't open on new phone.  Smart Switch not already on new phone.  Doesn't say a thing about the SIM card.  Great concept if it actually worked! I guess I'll just use Smart Switch on my computer, back up my old phone and then restore onto my new phone.  Swap out SIM cards and see what happens.

  3. Steffen Thole

    I am SO glad this app exists. Changed from my Galaxy SIII mini to my brother's Galaxy SIII and it would have taken an unbelievably long time to type in everything from my calendar into the new phone. Worked like a charm!


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