Samsung Series 7 – High Quality 1080p LCD HDTV

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The Samsung Series 7 1080p High Definition televisions have many advanced features and contain a great deal of very new technology. Of all of their features, which are the most important? High on my list is always the number of HDMI connectors (4 on these sets). Luckily, almost all today’s HDTV’s have plenty of connectors of all types.

But not all other features are of equal value. To my way of thinking, the features I have listed are going to be the difference between an average high definition television and a top of the line 1080p HDTV.

Series 7 Key Features

  • Ultra Clear Panel – The Series 7 panel absorbs ambient light and virtually eliminates reflections. Few people have a perfect media room. That makes this an extremely important feature for a more comfortable viewing environment.
  • Built-in Tuners – Series 7 HDTV’s come with analog and digital tuners for viewing TV broadcasts using your home tv antenna and also a QAM TV tuner. The QAM tuner will unscramble high definition cable programs without a set top box.
  • 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio – Contrast and brightness levels achieve new highs in this LCD HDTV. Programming of all types will come to life with enhanced details in very dark or very bright scenes providing a more realistic, sharper picture. This gives you a better picture under all lighting conditions.
  • Response Time – With a 2ms response time, this HDTV is very fast. This minimizes blurring of motion in sports programs. It also means that if you hook up a game console or a computer and play your favorite games you will do so with superb screen response.
  • ENERGY STAR compliance – ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency. This assures you that you are helping the environment by using less energy. You have all heard of vampire power drains by this time. This simply means that even when you turn off your appliances they continue to use electricity and cost you money. With the Series 7 HDTV’s this is much less of a problem and that is a good thing. You should also save money. (A side note – these sets are made without mercury as well, another good thing.)
  • Auto Motion Plus 240Hz(TM) – Last but definitely not least! This Samsung feature may be the most important of all. It provides some of the smoothest action images with crisp picture quality. This means that your picture is not going to blur during pictures of intense high speed movement during sports and action movies. 240HZ is a great improvement over normal television that has a 60HZ screen refresh cycle!

Series 7 Models

Samsung offers three models of different screen sizes but nearly identical features:

  • LN40B750 – 40 inch Diagonal Measurement
  • LN46B750 – 46 inch Diagonal Measurement
  • LN52B750 – 52 inch Diagonal Measurement

These three models of the Series 7 line have other state of the art features in addition to those listed above. You can be confident you are prepared for viewing any program available today be it fast action like that of the Super Bowl or a favorite movie with family and friends in a darkened TV room. Series 7 models also come with a full one year warranty on parts and labor for home use with 90 days parts and labor for commercial use. This is backed by Samsung toll-free support.

If you decide that an LCD fits your needs and want the best 1080p LCD HDTV available, you really should consider a Samsung Series 7 1080p HDTV!

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