Samsung S Series Galaxy confirms Android Mobile View 2.2

Samsung in New York at night to kick off the public addressed the various Galaxy S for mobile(U.S.) with the choice of carrier. Without specifying the price and launch dates we hope that we are left waiting for carriers to be announced. T-Mobile is the first from the gate, marking Vibrant July 21 launch and $200 price. We expect that fascinating Captivate and Epic 4G to offer similar prices.
Since each of these new phones running Android 2.1 Under the hood, most people are wondering whether their model will see Flash 10.1 and / or Froyo. To put their fears to rest Samsung Mobile USA was held yesterday to confirm twitter 2.2 is coming.
S Galaxy phones come with Android 2.1, and is upgradeable to Android 2.2, which will support Adobe Flash 10.1 SamsungMobileUS
This is not so, we did not expect this, but always nice to see a coffee headphone outputs, and the public to solve problems.

Via: Samsung S Series Galaxy confirms Android Mobile View 2.2

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