Samsung S Galaxy: Europe vs. USA

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Im using the Euro-spec Samsung S Galaxy as my phone a little over three weeks, and the first impression is good. From a thorough review of the Samsung Vibrant has been done on this site, I see no point in doing a thorough review of the Galaxy Euro S. They are almost exactly the same phone and so it would be pointless to review the device twice. But I wanted to do a quick overview of how the European Galaxy S differs from its American siblings.
1 Carrier name and brand
T-Mobile is Vibrant. AT T Captivate. Verizon to fascinate. Sprints 4G is Epic. I as has already been placed before the , there is only one phone model S Galaxy sold in Europe. Its model number i9000, and regardless of the carrier to look at, no matter which country you will always be known simply as Samsung Galaxy S. In addition, at least in my case there is no carrier branding on the phone, or for that matter, on the packaging. I have T-Mobile UK version of the phone, but contrasts sharply with each live, no logo, T-Mobile can be found everywhere. Im not even entirely sure that the phone is locked carrier. Phones sold to other carriers may be different but in my case, my phone looks like unlock the Galaxy S.
2 Appearance and
European appearance and Galaxy S can be compared to the most vibrant. In fact, the only difference between the Galaxy and S Euro Live is a set of keys Android control. Live, or for that matter, any American Telephone Galaxy S has four capacitive touch buttons below the screen. Euro SGS has three buttons. Two capacitive touch(the menu button, which can be kept down to act as the search button and Back button) and the key to the house is a physical button slap bang between the two touch buttons. Personally, I prefer the physical button. In addition, some minor differences on the rear panel, looks and feels like a living, that is not exactly like the flagship phone. If you want to own Euros SGS, welcome to the world of cheap plastic panel back. I seriously recommend getting some case for it.
3 Software
Like the U.S. phones, SGS carries Euro Touch 3.0 in Android 2.1. However, the lack of the carrier brand, which has already been mentioned extends to the software side, as well as things. Unlike Epic, Captivate, and wonderful, Euro SGS operates effectively time version of the software TouchWiz. As far as I know, regardless of the carrier appears on the Euro SGS, the program will always look the same. In my case, the T-Mobile UK, only pre-installed applications are those which are installed by default, Samsung, such as Layar and Aldiko. There is no Web n Walk proposal as it was previously installed on my G1. Thats good, because many people do not use their carriers application.
4 Problems
Note that the GPS glitch? Lag and the menu? They all were found in the Euro SGS. But to be honest, none of them do not bother me too much, and using the latest firmware leaked(JM1) seems to determine both at least in part.
5 Conclusions
i9000 is essentially just like any other phone S Galaxy. Ensure that there is Avatar, the factory as a living, and there is no physical keyboard with Epic 4G, but I do not care, because its still my perfect device.

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