Samsung Reclaim (Sprint) Unboxing

Kim Titus, Director of Public Relations for Samsung Mobile, unboxes the Samsung Reclaim.

Samsung and Sprint officially announced the upcoming availability of the first mobile phone in the U.S. made of bio-plastic material, the Samsung Reclaim. The Reclaim is made from 40 percent bio-plastics, which is extracted from corn. The Reclaim is also equipped with eco-centric packaging and accessories, including a smaller outer and inner box made from recycled materials and an Energy Star approved charger with visual alarm when the phone is fully charged. Check out the Reclaim at Sprint stores and online at starting August 16.

5 thoughts on “Samsung Reclaim (Sprint) Unboxing

  1. wow, its reallly nice, i wonder when or if its gonna come to canada. When is this set to be released anyway? sexy phone

  2. i got this phone on friday and it is amazing i told my friend that it was made from corn and recycled materials and he was like wtf (corn) but its well worth it

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