Samsung Nexus S 4G Phone from Google

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More Info: – The Samsung Nexus S 4G offers a premium 4″ touch screen, which makes a big difference when it comes to viewing movies, reading e-books or doing spreadsheets. And the Android 2.3, Gingerbread platform is the latest from Android, with over 150,000 apps at your fingertips.

6 thoughts on “Samsung Nexus S 4G Phone from Google

  1. Carlos Martinez

    1. No dual core processor.

    2. No SD card expansion slot.

    3. only 5 MP camera.

    4. No HDMI out.

    5. only 720 x 480 camera resolution

    6. only 480×800 screen resolution

    But.. 335,758 Android apps ! ! (as of today)

    goto: > bottom of page.

  2. capufo

    @Davidwilson1212 I know 🙂 this was posted 5 months ago, I was really expecting it to come out by July like every other year.


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