Samsung Moment (Sprint) with Mobile Digital TV – CES 2010

Kim Titus, Director of Public Relations for Samsung Mobile, showcases the Samsung Moment with Mobile DTV at CES 2010.

Sprint and Samsung Mobile showcased the Samsung Moment at CES 2010 with a demonstration of the North American mobile digital TV broadcasting standard during. Samsung Moment, exclusively from Sprint, will receive live digital TV using Samsungs Mobile DTV Chip, the worlds first single-chip solution for the recently approved Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Mobile Digital TV standard. The ATSC Mobile Digital TV chip will allow Samsung Moment to receive live TV programming from local broadcast stations, including prime-time network programs, local news and sports and emergency alerts.

6 thoughts on “Samsung Moment (Sprint) with Mobile Digital TV – CES 2010

  1. I just got a Samsung Moment 5 days ago, and I've been very happy. It's like having a laptop in your pocket. The screen is really amazing — it looks as crisp as a flatscreen PC monitor. There are some issues associated with Android 1.5, such as the battery meter being ridiculous, but supposedly the Moment will get Android 2.1 by June. I can't wait!

  2. I have this phone and it makes my old Blackberry look like a Commodore 64 home computer from the 80's. This phone is unbelievable. I can't text for crap on an I-phone but you should see me go on this full qwerty keypad!! =D

  3. Im a proud owner of a Samsung Moment and I love this phone, i call it my boo. Simpily because it has a brillant screen and so many apps can be downloaded onto it. its just the right size and I dont mind the weght (not that it weights much). Internet browsing is like going on the internet with a computer… My only complaint is the battery life is not so good…Otherwise Im lovin this phone..

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