Samsung Mobile Phone – A Multi Faceed Revolutionary Mobile Phone

Samsung taking their experiment a step further introduced a revolutionary Phone into the mobile phone market. This beautiful Samsung Mobile phone is multifaceted. It has a unique flipper designs with a dual face construction. It has been constructed keeping the musically inclined in mind. One side is for organizing and playing music and the other is a compact and fully functional mobile phone. Both sides can be switched to easily. It does not have the traditional back side that is the battery cover. Ultra Music F300 is Samsungs untraditional models. The phone is beautiful and sleek

Dual sides

Both the music and phone side come with dedicated keys for ease of use and a display. The phone side has tiny display and a classical numeric keypad. The other side has a larger display with touch sensitive navigation key with a confirming center. There is a large 2.1 Inch color screen on the music side and below the screen there is a navigation pad which lights up when in use. The keypad itself is handy for it offers bulky numeric keys arranged in horizontal rows. The screen provides 262k colors with 176 x 220 pixel screen resolution. The Samsung mobile phone side screen is much smaller and is provided 262k colors on a TFT display. It also has a 2 mega pixel camera feature. The picture quality provided by the display is good and work well in the sun.

Battery and storage

This grand multimedia mobile handset comes with 100 Mbytes of internal memory which can be easily expanded using a MicroSD (TM) memory card to a maximum of 2Gb.There is no detachable battery on the phone detachable battery – this thing is now literally built in the casing, not enabling the user to replace it on his / her own. The user can have 2-3 hours of music playback and radio, up to 1 hour of calls and few SMS.

Media player

The F300's media player is pretty comprehensive as it supports MP3, AAC and WMA audio formats plus the SGH-F300 supports MPEG4 and H.263 video types. There's also an FM radio built in. This Samsung mobile phone has advanced acoustic quality with Bang & Olufsen Ice Power. There is a 2 mega pixel camera present on the phone side.

The handset supports stereo Bluetooth 2.0. There's also a USB 2.0 interface so that you can connect the F300 to a PC. The phone is a triband GSM.

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