Samsung Mobile CES 2011: Speed, Screen and Content

Omar Khan – Chief Strategy Officer discussing Samsung Mobile USA plans for 2011 at CES.

9 thoughts on “Samsung Mobile CES 2011: Speed, Screen and Content

  1. when is the update coming for all of these galaxy mobile devices that did so well in 2010 for the galaxy s line to have sold so many units when is the update to android 2.2 coming???

  2. this is so scripted and tasteless advertising that it's painful to watch. why even pretend to have a conversation (with fake laughs) instead of just presenting?

  3. 7 months later still no update to 2.2 for the Epic. They have seem to have abandoned the people that bought into the Hype. They dont care because they got my money already. Like an idiot I bought 2. Biggest mistake was trading in an EVO for the slide out keyboard.

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