Samsung Media Hub on Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

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Available in the USA on Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Tab devices.

40 thoughts on “Samsung Media Hub on Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

  1. Juni


    oh boy, i hope you arent serious. personal tablets have been around for almost 10 years. apple was not an innovator with the ipad, they were never an innovator with anything.

  2. ElPatriotaLX

    Am I the only one who finds weird that a bunch of people are in the same room watching their own devices?

    If you are alone is all good. I find it annoying when people are glued to their phones even if there is people around.

    What a nice way not talk to people around you. This is why some people are loosing their social skills. 

  3. Jerricho68

    This ad is an epic fail. Try to sell the product marketing morons. Tell us what it can do. You should all be fired and replaced with intelligent qualified people. 

  4. MrStimpy77

    Wow. How incredibly stupid. As if we haven't stared at a smartphone or tablet before. I have an idea! Let's make an ad where everyone is staring at their stupid hand-held devices, and make the audience think they're really "getting into" what they're seeing there. Yeah! That's not only original, that's the very definition of original!

  5. deezomaxima

    @afrogirl123 Is it? This thing is better than the Ipad. Period. Don't fight it. I own an IPod touch and IPhone and their Ok. However, they are more fun when jailbroken and pretty damn boring otherwise.

  6. fullstack2

    @SuperPluto10 OK, yes i am looking to keep an open mind, as a "gadget geek" of course i will check it out this product, IT HAS FLASH!!!!, but i speak in terms of the common consumer. I am educated in marketing and sales, i know what mood makes the sale. This product has so much potential but the way they are presenting it not cutting the butter. The Zune failed for the same reason. Learn from the mistakes. 

  7. fullstack2

    @SuperPluto10 I feel the advertising should make a subtle nudge against Apple, especially about the flash issue. 

  8. Tyler Bullis

    Android > IOS

    iPad is for noobs. Only genuine noobs think Apple came up with first smartphone and tablet pc.

  9. Imran Nasrullah

    We are a country that just wants to be entertained. No effort for thought or action, just to be entertained. Samsung has seen this, hence, the commercial. We will become a country that makes "potato chips instead of computer chips" to quote an anachronistic quote of Ross Perot.

  10. P. Go

    Apple is losing the battle to Samsung/Android. Apple never learned what Microsoft PC did to them in the 80s. Samsung sold 56m phones vs Apple 26m last quarter. A for Arrogant!

  11. Phyllis Washington

    The video keeps having to stop and load up. Instead of playing witout interruptions of constantly up loading.


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