Samsung, LG attack next target: solar cells

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South Korea’s Samsung Group (SamsungGroup), LG Group (LGGroup) program copy in the semiconductor, LCD panel in the field of successful experience in solar cell, lithium battery market, once again wiped out of date plant.

    Han works on the past, in the semiconductor, the panel’s success experience, the basis of technological development started off late, into the expansion of the market, then the way to focus on winning in investment markets.

    South Korea Gyeonggi-do at the career field Kiheung pilot line for solar cells to start the ceremony, Samsung Electronics (SamsungElectronics) once said that this is the beginning of a new myth. Samsung prides itself on the myth that is in the semiconductor, panel proud achievements in the market.

    Only the global DRAM market in the 1980s Toshiba (Sharp) and other Japanese factory’s lead, now the situation in great turnover in 1983 was stepped into the DRAM industry, Samsung Electronics, the market in 1992, i.e. become the leader of the Executive.

    Areas in the panel, Samsung is also a major victory, since 2006 named world’s TV market share with the panel 1. While Samsung’s non-industry pioneer, but because of the unique vision with the former chairman Lee Kun-hee and the courage to invest, eventually be able to taste the sweet fruit too.

    The field of solar cells, the Samsung also plans to adopt this strategy, once the pilot line for stable production, it will begin large-scale investment. Samsung executives said the 2015 global solar cell market to capture a beachhead, a leading industry. If this target up front, which means in the backward areas of the market’s three weeks, only 5 years? “Y beyond the German factory Q-Cells and Sharp Japanese plants (Sharp).

    In addition, LG Electronics (LGElectronics) also started to layout the field of solar cells, put in about 2,200 won (about 2.47 billion U.S. dollars) in South Korea, Gumi plant, build solar cell production line, expected to begin volume production in Q1 2010; 1st quarter 2011 before the annual production scale of up to 240,000? (KWp).

    In the Sanyo Electric (SanyoElectric), Sony and other Japanese factory pilot of lithium in the field, South Korea plant also ranked in the 9 years into a substantial leap forward. According to statistics, in 2008 the volume rankings, Samsung SDI (SamsungSDI) shipments second most Sanyo Electric, ranked world No. 2; LG Chemical ranked 6.2 factory electric car market owing = power promising to expand the related investment.

    On the other hand, in order to clamp down on plant, South Korea factory also actively cooperate with Europe and the United States industry. Samsung SDI and Germany in 2008, the depot Porsche (Porsche) lithium batteries for electric vehicle joint venture company based in South Korea’s Ulsan plant. Expected by 2015, the investment will amount to 5,000 billion won.

    The LG Chemical has invested 1 trillion won in South Korea, Chungcheongbuk-do factory set up vehicle lithium battery production line in November 2010 began supplier to General Motors (GM), the other is a new plant in Michigan in 2015 Car lithium battery revenues will challenge the cause of 2 trillion won.

    Korean Semiconductor Plant desire to copy, DRAM successful experience in the solar cell, lithium battery market, recycling myths. However, due to the current materials, production equipment is still more than the hands of Japanese plants, how to cross this divide will test the wisdom of Korean factory.

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