Samsung Level Music Lab – Episode 1: The Chainsmokers

Samsung brought Kansas University students up close and personal with The Chainsmokers and Samsung Level headphones for an interactive learning experience in Episode One of the Samsung Level Music Lab. Learn all about Samsung Level here:

Listen to more of The Chainsmokers tunes on Samsung Milk Music: and check them out on Vevo:

16 Replies to “Samsung Level Music Lab – Episode 1: The Chainsmokers”

  1. See that handsome bearded man who bobs his head to the sound of the snap in Roses at about 1:34? Yeah, that's my boyfriend, and I'm the redhead sitting next to him in the blurry background. Nice edit Rory, that's one of our favorite parts of the song. :)

  2. awww this is soo sweet!! thanks Samsung, because through this program so many young people will find much needed inspiration. awesome work!

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