Samsung Glyde (Verizon) First Look

Here’s a first look of the new Samsung Glyde available for the Verizon Wireless network. For more info visit

38 thoughts on “Samsung Glyde (Verizon) First Look

  1. ur way wrong and anyways robmangutierrez the voyager is a fat monster, the things in it are cool but just too damn thick

  2. i like the keyboard the most… if they made the itouch with a slide out keyboard i would buy it without a doubt!

  3. i wish they would've made the voyager where it slides up. the only good thing about the voyager is the keyboard. Damn y can't they make a decent phone these days?

    if the voyager had the slide and price went down then il be bgetting the voyager

  5. i like this phone but y does it have to have the 2 year contract
    so i cant get it b cuz i have t-mobile

  6. im going to be getting it soon i dont think its as bad as people say. i was using it in the store and i have big hands and it worked great (that doesnt mean its easy to touch tho i was using it for aobut a min) i really like it though

  7. i had this phone for the last two years. i cant wait to get a new phone next month. im thinking of getting a reality. anyone know if thats a good phone?

  8. I got this phone off of ebay. It's on it's way here. Paid $60 for it.. considering it's a smart phone (I believe it is), do I have to pay the monthly fee for the data package (internet & such)? Or can I just skip that and not get internet?
    All I'll do with this phone is text, call, take pics/vids. That's about it. I don't want internet? Do I have to pay for internet or no?
    Sorry i wanted to make this question as clear as possible. lol
    Thanks so much 😀
    P.S. Nice review!(:

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