Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Unboxing, Setup and Short Demo!

Just received my Gear S3 today and this is just a quick unboxing video with setup and a short demo of how it works.

20 thoughts on “Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Unboxing, Setup and Short Demo!

  1. Yeah I got mine in the UK on the 14th as well..Love it! I was concerned it would be to big on my wrist but it's perfect, just the right size…Mobile fun customers wont be getting theres till the end of the month glad I ordered it direct..Thanks for the vid Syed enjoy your watch!..Syed do you know if we are getting Samsung Pay and Spotify I can't see them…

  2. I like the music who's it by, also have you worked out how to connect LTE network? I've ordered mine for the 18th in the uk. contacted samsung they said the device will search for available networks and you get an option to choose the tariff from the device

  3. Just received my s3 frontier watch yesterday.. has anyone experience tapping noice from the dial e.g. Loose?… please respond so I know what to do i.e. Return or keep it..

  4. Can you take a lets say, 2 min shower with it? i understand going to the beach then probaly take it off, i am just curious, i know it's IP68 (Water- & Dust resistant), but still

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