Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review (Day 4) – Always on display, Memory, S Health and more

I have made this video to address some of the questions and requests made after my first review video. I hope to answer your questions with a real demo. Sorry the video got longer than planned.

Always on display and watch faces 00:39 – 08:20
Storage/memory 08:24 – 11:00
S Health 11:13 – 20:08
Music player 20:10

28 thoughts on “Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review (Day 4) – Always on display, Memory, S Health and more

  1. to adjust the brightness go to the home screen (watch face) and swipe down from the 12 on the next screen tap on the icon on the far right then turn the bezel

  2. Was so looking forward to getting this till I found out no LTE for UK, so flipping disappointed! I really wanted it as stand alone device for when I go training. Killed it for me :-(

  3. I have watched both your videos, they have been really helpful, thanks!

    I suspect it uses whatever music player is set as default in your phone? Have you tried going to the "default apps" section of your phone settings and checked if Soundcloud is set as default there?

    Do you know if it is possible to use Skype or Google Hangouts or other apps like those to make calls with the watch? Or is it only possible to do "regular" calls?

  4. My UK Frontier Memory is 2.7gb out of 4gb, System apps 2.4gb available 1.3gb. images 0, audio 213.17mb (29 tunes downloaded) video 0, apps 116.7mb. With five apps downloaded.

  5. Can you pair more than 1 smartwatch to your shealth? I want to pair s3 frontier and gear fit 2 to my shealth because i'm concerned if I wear the s3 in the gym it will scratch as a result of banging with weights, etc.

  6. Can you make a phone call if you are not in the range of bluetooth(gear to phone) but still connected to wifi (both gear and phone)?

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