Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE – THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!

Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE! The saviour is packing in some futuristic features! Can samsung finally redeem itself?


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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE – THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!

  1. Samsung doing the whole "I'll try to tackle Google with what they do best" with trying to make their own search assistant. When will Samsung learn that they just can't compete with Google in software. They are far superior with their search algorithms. It's what Google does best. Samsung a assistant is going to go the path of S-Voice. Why waste time and revenue in such h a pointless venture?

  2. THIS IS JUST A CONSPIRACY THEORY. But it is possible that Samsung's next Galaxy S8 is so mind-blowingly good that they purposely botched the Note 7 to build the hype. Galaxy S8 will completely destroy Apple and all other competition, and Samsung will own the entire smartphones markets for generations. That's how good the S8 will be.

    PS: This is not a conspiracy theory, but an insider report from an actual Samsung employee who works as a janitor (aka. my cousin)

  3. Despite all their promises about getting to the bottom of the problem… Samsung still has no clue as to why the Note 7 phones exploded. As such, they have no idea what to do, or not to do, to ensure that the S8 does not explode, too. Wait s good 2 months after the S8 is out before purchasing. If you are even interested in an S series phone, which I am not. The best phone currently on the market is the Note 5 64 GB, and will be after the S8 is released.

  4. Important thing is for all new phones is battery capasity. Better then more than 4000 mah. Screen not more than 5 inch and size not more than 130mm in length.

  5. I have the S7 and I love the interface. However, I use it all day long & have to recharge it multiple times per day since A) The battery life isn't efficient to begin with and B) It overheats easily. The S7 doesn't have a removable SD card either which is super inconvenient. I'd like to see improved battery life comparable to Apple & a removable SD card. It would also be cool to be able to wirelessly charge on the go without having to plug it in or set it on a charging pad. I'd like to be able to link to a charging pad via Bluetooth

  6. After the whole massacre with Note, S8 Edge will be their redemption and we'll be in for a treat. Samsung will not fuck this one up that's all I'm gonna say for now

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