Samsung Galaxy S II Features – T-Mobile

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22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II Features – T-Mobile

  1. @centfla Well it is ugly . I'm not saying it' not a cool phone , Just talking about how it look . And I'm a fan of samsung . Just think the unlock galaxy s II look a lot better .

  2. @centfla You know there always has to be a dick head who will go a different path just to be different. This phone is not ugly in any way.

  3. @sk8rked Benchmark tests already came out showing the the Galaxy Nexus out performs every phone on the market. Graphics just lacked against the iPhone

  4. @sk8rked Wont be as good with ICS on it because the phone isn't Hardware accelerated like the Galaxy Nexus is. That is why the benchmarks blew past the iPhone and the SGS2

  5. Couple of things.. 1. Is it worth waiting for sprint to get the LTE network in place or just deal with wi-max? (Not that I use the 4G band a whole lot anyways). 2. Android 4.0.x? When? I know samsung likes to make people wait for updates… 3. Sounds stupid (I'm well aware…), who did the audio behind this video? 

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