Samsung Galaxy S II Features – CTIA 2011

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During CTIA 2011 in March we displayed the global version of the Galaxy S II. Watch the video for an overview of the main features.

10 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II Features – CTIA 2011

  1. biyorkman

    Samsung is being appealed by the violation of the patent by an enterprise all over the world. The amount of compensation will exceed 80 billion dollars. Apple urged the industry on fraction defective (15%) of the Samsung product and the boiling coconut solution scatter was urged. 

  2. Tin a

    I wished Aus had shows like these. 🙁 This phone is the best ! HTC u have competition… Don't include Apple coz they suck & are wayyyy behind. Gingerbread OS FTW ! Looks so fast & light. *sigh* If only I could afford this phone…

  3. FunnyPlace1

    @biyorkman lol ok sure, 80 billion dollars eh? I am pretty sure they would have gone bankrupt by now. I am sure you are some fatass old dude with no life mocking one of the biggest tech companies in the world.


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