Samsung Galaxy S – First Offical Demo at CTIA 2010

Directly from the CTIA 2010 show room floor in Las Vegas. Initial overview video of the Samsung Galaxy S that was officially announced at CTIA 2010.

23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S – First Offical Demo at CTIA 2010

  1. Noticed how all those FANATIC APPLE USERS are now having a go @ Samsung and other new GEN iphones users… just as they have done within the computer industry…WELL first off APPLE products have always been restricted both within HARDWARE and SOFTWARE use (I for one was not surprised when APPLE had taken the decision to CENSER the internet usage within their iphones). Regardless of this I have always viewed with experience APPLE users in the same way as the TALIBAN Vegetarians and Puritans.

  2. @sam
    Thank you for the heads up.
    I do not YET have the phone(will have to wait until December to upgrade unfortunately)- but I heard from people who have the phone- that the sluggishness was caused by some of the preloaded widgets on the front- and that when they took the widgets off- the phone ran smooth as can be. So one may have to choose between the widgets- or a smooth running phone. But let anyone who mentions the sluggishness know to try removing the widgets. Let me know what you hear.

  3. @RandomVidsMaker dude if u diddnt know, samsung is korean, and telling by this guys accent he's also korean, so y dont u stfu and just be happy koreans r fucking giving u this technology. so y dont u fucking leave it alone. and u spelt english wrong

  4. @RandomVidsMaker if only you know how hard it is to speak English normally when you born in a non English speaking country >:( and Samsung is made in Asia, in which many of the countries are non English speaking!! >:P and learn to spell ENGLISH first and leave the man alone!!

  5. @GOandmakeDISCIPLES he shouldt do a english review when he can't speak it
    and I am from Holland and I can speak englich much better than him

  6. Thees season, we couldn't add a LED light to this damn phone! Never buying this, only for this reason, NO LIGHT! PATHETIC! ARGH! 

  7. Hi I wonder if this phone is like galaxy ace that the screen goes blank after a tiny little while and then you have to type the password, its anoying.
    PS: does it has a good sound when you play music.
    Thanx for replies!!!

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