Samsung Galaxy S – CTIA 2010 Keynote & Unpacked Highlights

At CTIA Wireless, Samsung announced the upcoming availability of the Samsung Galaxy S a smart phone with 4 Super AMOLED display, 1GHz processor, Samsungs unique Social Hub, Layar Reality Broswer and advanced LBS features. The Galaxy S will be available in Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, and Asia soon.

47 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S – CTIA 2010 Keynote & Unpacked Highlights

  1. Wei Xuan Chong

    @jonnyattack The processor has nothing to do with the UI.

    Apple developed that User Interface

  2. Peter Ebenezer

    Yeah, go with HTC, it took them a year to upgrade Hero from 1.5 to 2.1, and they are dropping support for it in October…
    They said it was coming out in December, then they released the legend, then they said the update was due January, and they released the desire, then they said it would be February, then end of march then middle of April, then end of June. I'm not getting another HTC.

    But tbh I have never owned a Samsung, Just thought I would post my run in's with HTC.

  3. XxEmmJayxX

    y does everyone say apple sucks? it's just not as good as andriod. i like iphone and android. plus Macs are awsome!

  4. Tuan Tang

    this phone series rocks i got the tmobiles variation of the device aka the tmobile vibrant and it rocks

  5. sumimimi0

    @UltramanTiga333 yeah. i don't understand ppl who likes apple. sucks. apple the worst phone. i found that my ipod touch and iphone, the metal always bend after dropping..

  6. sumimimi0

    i don't like apple products and my father owns this galaxy!! it rocks. my mother needs to change phone, galaxy should be a better option than iphone right?? any ideas?? please answer me

  7. Luuk de Leest

    @Uhmsters samsung didn't lie. iphone 4 came AFTER the galaxy s, so at the time of this keynote it was the thinnest.

  8. Miguel Santini

    Por que he de confiar nuevamente en Samsung….he tenido un Jet ahora tengo un Omnia I8000, es increíble lo que se cuelga, y no le achaquemos a WM6.0 porque tengo una htc diamon y va fenomenal…..en definitiva se han empeñado en hacerle la competencia a Iphone pero yo estoy esperando el mío porque porque el tiempo lo dice todo y no pienso confiar en ningún otro….saludos..

  9. A Sch

    Damn, for the first time, a cell phone company REALLY did its homework before rushing their phone onto the market. I tested a demo at T-mobile and am sold. And yes, it's VERY light.

  10. xbrando7

    we've come a long way from the T-Mobile G1. The galaxy S series, imo, are the only phones that are truly good alternatives to the iPhone.

  11. thatabu

    This phone really is a nightmare. I've owned it for just 4 months and already waiting to get rid of it. There's just too many problems with it. Here's a few

    -the UI and apps have terrible lag, hell it even lags when I enter my pin or try to set an alarm!
    -the integrated Samsung apps are complete garbage
    -the phone constantly loses reception, bars go up and down
    -GPS is practically unusable
    -poor speaker quality
    -even worse mic quality (when on speaker, I have to yell to be heard)

  12. thatabu

    and more:

    -SMS delivery failures
    -Facebook integration with the calendar is an epic fail. Even if I choose "hide declined events" for facebook, it still shows them in the calendar after syncing
    -multitasking, even with just 2-3 apps, slows down the phone seriously
    -all that flash support does is slow down browsing (at times slow even with Flash turned off)
    -Samsung Kies, the pc sync software, is the biggest pile of crap I've ever seen
    -poor build quality, most of the phone made from plastic

  13. adrian de robles

    whatever ……admit it it is just an iphone clone
    (change a little to make in not so obvious)

  14. Bannanabum man

    Dont get me started on how much i hate samsung. All they do is copy. I love steve jobs i've always looked up to him. he was amazing. All these android noobs do is copy his sorry ass give 3/4 of this product to steve jobs. I LOVE YOU STEVE JOB R.I.P

  15. Umbro Khan

    your updates are very slow on android. use your own tizen operating system to get fast updates.


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