Samsung Galaxy S Brings Cinema Quality Entertainment

The Samsung Galaxy S. Cinema quality entertainment that goes where ever you do. That’s the wonder of Samsung.

16 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Brings Cinema Quality Entertainment

  1. I have a iPhone 4, and the IPS LCD(refuse to call it retina display, since that just a marketing term Apple came up with) screen is great, but I think the Super AMOLED is just as good.

  2. @korn74 Hi I wonder if this phone is like galaxy ace that the screen goes blank after a tiny little while and then you have to type the password, its anoying.
    PS: does it has a good sound when you play music.
    Thanx for replies!!!

  3. @123ogge456 Hi no blank screen at all, music sounds pretty good for external speakers and with good quality headphones its very nice.

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