Samsung Galaxy Note – In Molly Crabapple’s Studio

In this video from Complex Magazine, New York-based illustrator Molly Crabapple shows us around her studio and describes her creative process. Learn more about our Noteworthy Designers at

9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note – In Molly Crabapple’s Studio

  1. This is the coolest new phone from Samsung! Too bad it shipped with last years OS. Apple would NEVER allow that to happen on their phones!

  2. You have to understand that by the time the R&D on these phones are finished they are always going to be a little bit behind. As is the nature of Android, the software moves ahead of the companies that license it. Samsung cannot hold back Android updates to coincide with their handset releases like Apple can. However the things that the Touchwiz interface can do will provide features that standard Android will not produce for quite a while.

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