Samsung Galaxy Note – In Dao-Yi Chow’s Studio

In this video from Complex Magazine, fashion designer Dao-Yi Chow of NYC label Public School shows us around his studio and explains his creative process. Learn more about our Noteworthy Designers at

13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note – In Dao-Yi Chow’s Studio

  1. Iphone 4s does not suck if you consider it to be the only smartphone in the world, like most apple fanboys do.
    But if you compare it to a device like G note, its a joke.. Sorry to wake you up, but its the reality…
    And if you are a fanboy,I know your natural response will be its too big, 3.5" is perfect.
    Yet the fanboys will be the first ones to tell the world how awesome a 4.5" Iphone 5 screen is and how miraculously it fits there hands all of a sudden.. Interesting isn't it o_O

  2. Apple Fanboys' hand sizes are controlled by apple. Maybe they plug their hands to an Apple cable and sync their hand sizes via iTunes :D.

    On a serious note though….most people who buy Apple iphone jailbreak it. Apple tried to make it illegal but failed . this shows that actually apple owners want something more than what Apple provides them with. But Kudos to their UI smoothness , thats one good thing (Android 4.0 is equally smooth though).

  3. That comment was made two months ago bro, S3 wasn't out that time, The point was 4s is inferior to S2 as well as Note.
    No point comparing to S3

  4. yes i have used both… and the Gnote is way supreme.. there is juz so many things u can do with it unlike iphone its too limited…

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