Samsung Galaxy Note II – Ryan Bidan Introduces the Galaxy Note II

In this video, Samsung Director of Product Marketing Ryan Bidan introduces the Galaxy Note II from the exciting Launch Event in NYC. With AirView, Pop-Up Browser, and a revolutionized new S Pen, check out all the features of the Next Big Thing. Learn more and join the community at

33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note II – Ryan Bidan Introduces the Galaxy Note II

  1. Yes but the iphone its just the rigth size to fit on the palm of mi hand to use it wit just mi thump and the jack for the headphones its on the bottom not on the top thats brilliant beat that galaxii note ja

  2. That's lame, if the jack is at the bottom, you have to flip the phone everytime you take out the phone, and the phone isnt that big, your hand is just small.

  3. Man I wished I would've waited to get the Note II after seeing it in Tmobile store but now since I joined Big Magenta,I'm enjoying my Galaxy S III.!!!

  4. I love how samsung adds all of their latest technology to their new phones while apple makes small improvements so they can keep their device alive and profit more.

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  6. me too lol i'm not the only one. the phone note that big as ppl make it seem, its a big phone, but just the right sizes.

  7. Ok here is the thing. my Galaxy S Advanced it's using Jelly bean and I can do every single thing that Note II, seriosly what's the difeferent between both by the way please don't tell about the size and camera. 

  8. You don't have pop up browser, snote, same screen multitasking video etc on stock Jelly Bean. Also you don't have nfc/sbeam or an hd screen

  9. I own one but am disappointed that Adobe Flash is not included—fo such an expesive phone that should have been automatic 🙁 Even with the update—no Flash WTF 

  10. you can download flash from adobe archive and just use firefox for it to work,
    (i own an note II)
    besides i thought the same but alot of ppl are saying flash is outdated and This "HTML5" is the new thing? idk.

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